Flair Airlines Commits To Improving Customer Service

flair airlines
Flair Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

In response to a recent spike in criticism, Flair Airlines has created a specialized customer service team.

As Open Jaw reported, the Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULLC) has the dubious distinction of receiving the highest number of complaints compared to other major airlines in Canada in recent months. Despite the carrier achieving a high on-time performance (OTP) in APR, Flair passengers have had to put up with a host of cancellations, delays, and other complications, including during a highly-publicized seizure of several leased aircraft for non-payment.

In a release, Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair Airlines, acknowledged the company's pitfalls, recognizing the significance of exceptional customer service for the company's success. While admitting that the airline has not always met customer expectations, Jones expressed its commitment to rectifying the situation.

"Our teams understand that exceptional customer service is paramount to our success," said Jones. "The vast majority of our customers have a positive experience with the airline. That said, I acknowledge that Flair has not always met our customers' expectations, and we are committed to rectifying that."

On 12JUN, the Canadian airline announced the formation of its Montreal-based Specialist Customer Service Team to help Flair boost its customer service level and overcome past deficiencies.

The team, which has been active since JAN 2023, is dedicated to addressing complex customer service queries, with a particular focus on those related to irregular operations. The team also handles inquiries from the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) and the Department of Transport (DOT) as part of their commitment to meeting regulatory requirements. In addition, they proactively address feedback received from the Better Business Bureau in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

To continuously improve service quality, the team also plans to actively gathers feedback from customers.

"Our Specialist Customer Service Team in Montreal is a testament to our dedication to improving our service and ensuring that every passenger has a positive experience when choosing to fly with Flair," said Jones.

A Brighter Outlook

Despite having had four of its aircraft seized for non-payment of its leases, Jones expressed confidence in the airline's progress, stating that the MAR incident is now "in the rearview mirror" for the company.

During a quarterly earnings call on 31MAY, Jones announced improvements in the airline's business operations, reporting a 35 per cent increase in capacity for the months of APR, MAY, and JUN 2023 compared with the same period last year.

Jones stated that Flair plans to continue growing in the coming year, adding two aircraft to its summer fleet, as well as the establishment of a new base at YYC.

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