Login issues
Having trouble logging onto Open Jaw?
I forgot my PIN & Password: To recover your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link under the login button on the login page.
Why am I not receiving the Open Jaw newsletters?
Perhaps your newsletters are caught in a spam filter. First, check your Junk mail to see if the newsletters are there. If not, please ask your IT team to allow mail@openjaw.com through the spam filter or to contact us for more help on this.
I’m receiving the Brief newsletter but not the Headliner newsletters, or vice versa.
You may have unsubscribed from one of the newsletters.
If you wish to be signed back up to that newsletter you can contact us.
How do I change the email address where I receive the newsletters?
There is a link at the bottom of every newsletter that will direct you to change your email.
How do I unsubscribe from newsletters?
You can unsubscribe from any Open Jaw newsletter from a link at the bottom of each newsletter.
How do I search for an article?
You can enter keywords into the Search field. The Search field is located on the right side of the navigation bar.
I get an error message when I upload a posting to the jobs board.
Ensure that the document is html, PDF or JPG. Ensure that the size of document is no more than 2MB. If the problem persists after the items above have been checked, please contact us for assistance.