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As decreed by the state of Quintana Roo, tourist payment of VISITAX is mandatory.

Travel Industry

By law, it is the responsibility of travel providers to inform clients of the tax and provide a means of payment.


The is the official state sanctioned collection system.

Please Note: As peak season ramps up, VISITAX payment will be controlled post-stay at CUN departure check-in lines and at gates. To prevent inconvenience and not disrupt traffic flow, a 48-hour grace period is granted for the tax to be paid after departure. A drop-down menu on Travelkore is enabled for this purpose.
With Shameek Patel, Senior Vice President, Travelkore

QUIZ - Win 1 of 2 $200 Gift Cards!

1) What is the new tax travellers are required to pay when entering Quintana Roo?
2) When was the tax instated?
3) Everyone is required to pay the tax regardless of age.
4) Who is exempt from paying the tax?
5) How much does Visitax cost per person?
6) Travel agents can earn a percentage of the processing fees.
7) Once the tax is paid, travellers have access to a health & safety app, what is it called?

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Contest is open to Canadian travel agents on the Canadian version and to US agents on the US version. There are two separate sets of prizes for each country.

Draw takes place: November 13, 2023

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