Canada Jetlines

What goes into starting an airline?

Open Jaw takes you on an intimate journey with Canada Jetlines’ key players.

Episode 5:
With a smooth hand at the controls, ex-pilot and CEO, Eddy Doyle, provides a view from 35,000 feet.
Episode 4:
To say that Anup Anand, Director, In-Flight Services & Airports, is busy would be an understatement. Hiring staff with class is just one of his many skills.
Episode 3:
CCO, Duncan Bureau, no stranger to start-ups or legacy carriers, smoothly stick handles ‘why’ start an airline.
Episode 2:
Chief Engineer, Brad Warren, shows us how to kick an Airbus’ tires.
Episode 1:
Meet Chief Pilot, Randy Howe, whose extensive experience taught him it’s important to keep the plane in the air.

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