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First in Service: Upswing in Demand for Private Jets, Business Class Air

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Private jets and international business class reservations are enjoying a huge upswing among Canadian business and luxury leisure travel clients of First in Service LTD (F1S), one of North America’s largest independent travel agencies. The move toward these improved air perks that reduce travel hassles is the top air trend in both Canada and the United States, according to a recently conducted survey among F1S travel advisors who identified the key trends shaping respective domestic and international air travel, as well as the evolving landscape of airline lounges for the year 2024.

“The insights provided by our travel advisors showcase the dynamic preferences of Canadian travelers. From the increasing popularity of private jet travel to the resurgence of business class demand and the evolving landscape of airline lounges, it's clear that travelers are seeking personalized, comfortable, and exclusive experiences,” explained Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of First in Service. “At F1S Canada, we remain committed to staying ahead of these trends to offer our clients unparalleled travel solutions."

Domestic Air Travel Trends – F1S Canada travel advisors reported diverse trends in domestic air travel preferences for 2024:


  • Private Jet Travel on the Rise: According to Jay Rabinovich, an F1S travel advisor, clients are increasingly opting for private jet travel to circumvent issues such as delays, cancellations, and potential luggage complications. This shift reflects a desire for a seamless and exclusive travel experience.


  • Comfort is Key for Corporate Travelers: F1S travel advisor Crystal Lynn Lambkin noted that corporate travelers prioritize comfort when flying domestically. This preference aligns with the growing emphasis on a pleasant and efficient travel experience, especially for business-related journeys.


  • Economy Dominates Points-Based Bookings: Jessica Donath, F1S travel advisor, highlighted a growing trend of clients redeeming points for domestic travel, predominantly opting for economy class. This suggests a strategic use of loyalty programs to maximize savings while exploring domestic destinations.


International Air Travel Trends – For international air travel in 2024, F1S Canada travel advisors identified the following trends:


  • Business Class Preference: Erica Tu, F1S travel advisor, observed the growing preference for business class tickets among First in Service clients, emphasizing comfort during long-haul flights.


  • Extended Stopover Times: Concerns about connections and potential disruptions led Jay Rabinovich to highlight a trend where travelers opt for longer stopover times to minimize the risk of missing connecting flights and losing luggage.


  • Continued Luxury Travel Planning: Crystal Lynn Lambkin revealed that, after splurging on luxury trips in 2023, leisure clients are continuing the trend in 2024, seeking "once in a lifetime" experiences with a similar level of luxury and budget allocation.


  • Upsurge in Business Travel Demand: F1S travel advisor Claudia Chad noted an increased demand for business travel, reflecting a shift in preferences post-COVID-19. Travelers seem more willing to splurge on business class seats for enhanced travel experiences.


  • Advance Booking for Savings: F1S travel advisor Michelle Green indicated a trend of travelers booking further in advance for 2024 to take advantage of sales and lower airfares, showcasing a strategic approach to cost savings.


Airline Lounge Trends – F1S Canada travel advisors provided insights into the evolving trends in airline lounges for 2024:


  • Elite Status Privileges: Jay Rabinovich highlighted a growing exclusivity trend in lounges, with elite status through airline frequent flyer programs offering a more comfortable and less crowded experience compared to lounges accessible through credit card memberships.


  • White Label Lounges: Paul Nielsen, F1S travel advisor, predicted the emergence of more white-label lounges, not affiliated with specific airlines, to cater to a broader clientele. This trend emphasizes a move towards more inclusive and diverse lounge options.


  • Enhanced Food Offerings: F1S travel advisor Claudia Chad reported an increasing demand for better quality and more varied food options in airline lounges, with positive feedback particularly for the Air Canada Signature Lounge in Toronto.


“As First in Service (F1S) Canada continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional travel experiences, these trends will undoubtedly shape the travel landscape in 2024, influencing the choices and journeys of Canadian travelers,” noted Gonzalez. “As the travel industry continues to evolve, First in Service remains committed to understanding and adapting to the changing preferences of its clients, ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel experience.”


For information on joining F1S, advisors are invited to email to learn more.

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