IATA Praises Reopening of Borders in Parts of Europe

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has welcomed the relaxation of COVID-19 border measures for vaccinated passengers by Spain and France this week. However, the Association remains disappointed in a lack of cooperation for reopening in other parts of Europe. Spain reopened to vaccinated travellers without quarantine as of 07JUN, and France followed 09JUN, so long as they arrive from “low-risk” countries. Travellers arriving from “medium-risk” countries must still provide a negative test. Willie Walsh, director general at IATA, commented: “It’s encouraging to see more European countries taking steps to reopen borders. They recognise the opportunity created by vaccination and are making travel more affordable with the use of antigen testing. But this approach is not universal across the continent. Many European states have yet to significantly relax borders at all. This fragmentation should be replaced with a unified approach that is consistent with the recommendations of the EU to which they belong.”


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