“Get Lost:” The New Luxury Vacation that Dumps You in the Middle of Nowhere

Travel firm Black Tomato is organizing “Get Lost” trips, where the client is dropped off in a spectacular and scarcely populated landscape and challenged to find their way to a within a given time period all by themselves. Clients are not without help, of course, and receive training on how to survive in the wild before being left to their own devices. During their journey, clients are also given some equipment and an emergency contact device. According to the author, the concept of Get Lost isn’t only that clients must find their way out of desolate situations; they have no clue where in the world they are going, until the last minute. Clients are encouraged to give up their cell phones, as the purpose is not just to disappear, but also to disconnect. After the expedition ends, clients are treated to a “beautiful” hotel before flying home, so there is some light at the end of the journey.


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