NWT Welcomes Residents and Visitors following Summer Fires

Northwest Territories Tourism, NWT, has issued a release acknowledging how it, along with many parts of the country, had an unprecedented summer, faced with fires that devastated communities and vital tourism business. "As many northerners evacuated their homes, we saw an outpouring of support for residents. From caring for each other to the kindness shown by our provincial and territorial neighbours, as well as the love of friends and family from around the world."

"It was a summer that highlighted the strength and spirit of the NWT. As we welcome the fall Aurora into the night skies, now is the time to support businesses in the NWT and to thank everyone who kept the NWT spectacular."

As NWT begins its journey to recovery, the destination is welcoming visitors to rediscover the wonders the territories hold:

Legends of the Aurora

"Since time immemorial, stories on the origin and significance of the Aurora have been passed on from generation to generation. Dene legends place the origin of the Northern Lights in a fire built by the world’s creator. Cree legends believe the Lights are deceased loved ones communicating to those still on Earth, while Inuvialuit legends say the Lights are spirits of the dead playing soccer with a walrus skull – or a human head. Here are more legends of the Aurora."

Spirit of Adventure

"The Northwest Territories is home to notable landmarks, pristine national parks, vibrant cultures, and welcoming communities. Adventures in the territory are as vast as the landscapes, so travellers are sure to have many questions when planning their trip. If you’ve ever wondered what makes each region in the NWT different or when is the best time to see the Northern Lights, here’s your pocket guide to the Northwest Territories."

Every Season

"You’ll be amazed with what you can experience any time of year in NWT. In spring, you can hike beside rushing waterfalls. Dance under the Midnight Sun at a summer festival. Witness the skies come alive as night returns in fall. Or race across the ice road in winter. Join us on a journey through the seasons and take a look at the amazing experiences that happen year-round."

More information is available on the Northwest Territories Tourism website.

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