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Landsby Sets New Standard For Canadian Travel by Investing in a Smart Forest


Landsby, an award-winning Canadian travel company and founding agency of change with Regenerative Travel, proudly announces its commitment to climate action through the Stewardship of a Smart Forest in partnership with Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT).

Tourism globally contributes substantially to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with the sector accounting for an estimated 8-10% of global emissions. Within Canada, tourism's footprint is responsible for approximately 2% of the nation's total GHG emissions. Recognizing this impact, Landsby is taking decisive action to alter this trajectory.

Since its inception, Landsby has been at the forefront of reimagining Canadian tourism. Through innovative partnerships, compelling storytelling, and a commitment to Indigenous and Regenerative travel experiences, Landsby has continually pushed the boundaries of sustainable tourism. This dedication is now further exemplified by their investment in a CFT Smart Forest™. This initiative represents a significant nature-based carbon capture strategy and focuses on preserving the Acadian forest region in New Brunswick for over a century.

In the wake of a wildfire season that has left an unforgettable mark on our nation, burning approximately 45 million acres—an area equivalent to 117 million hockey rinks—Landsby acknowledges the profound impact these natural treasures have had on visitors far and wide. Our country's forests, renowned for their breathtaking beauty, have enchanted countless travellers. This catastrophic event underlines the urgent need for decisive action against climate change. Landsby is committed to spearheading efforts that address this global challenge, recognizing that the time for meaningful change is now.

Founder of Landsby, Jason Sarracini, underscores the significance of the Smart Forest™ Initiative: "Landsby's commitment to the Smart Forest™ is a critical step in realizing our mission and making a substantial contribution to a greener, more biodiverse, and cooler Canada. Forests constitute an integral facet of the Landsby travel experience, and their preservation stands as a linchpin for safeguarding the epitome of Canada's landscape."

Landsby’s significant investment in a Smart ForestTM harnesses nature's extraordinary ability to sequester carbon, promote biodiversity, mitigate global warming, and strengthen our nation's social and economic resilience. It also supports several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Climate Action (SDG 13), Life on Land (SDG 15) and Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6).

Currently, Landsby is the only Canadian travel company investing in a CFT Smart Forest™. CFT's Founder and CEO, Gary Zed, welcomes Landsby as their latest Smart Forest Steward and invites like-minded enterprises to join their endeavour.

"Canada's tourism industry has much to learn from trailblazers like Landsby. This sector contributes significantly to Canada's emissions, and as tourism rates in Canada continue to surge, it becomes imperative for industry leaders to champion the environmental and social causes that are indispensable for the well-being of our planet and communities," stated Mr. Zed.

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