TPI Celebrates Two Advisors Named to Condé Nast Travel Specialist List

TPI Condé Nast
Donna Flanigan (left) & Shari Tucker (right)

TPI is celebrating its two advisors, Donna Flanigan and Shari Tucker for being named to the Condé Nast Travel Specialist List. The Condé Nast list spotlights agents who will be able to ‘pull off the impossible’ for their clients.

“We are so proud of both Donna Flanigan and Shari Tucker for being named to this prestigious list of Travel Specialists; being recognized as a Travel Specialist to Conde Nast is a huge accomplishment for Donna and Shari. While Donna and Shari have very different business specialties, they share a few similarities, they both go above and beyond for their clients by providing a high touch level of service, and are laser-focused on ensuring that they are doing all they can to stay relevant and move their business forward”, said Zeina Gedeon, CEO TPI.“Both Shari and Donna are well-positioned for continued success, and we are so proud of their continued efforts, and we celebrate their accomplishments.”

Conde Nast travel specialists are chosen based on their expertise, specialization and excellence in customer service.

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