HAL Celebrates “National Food Faces Day” with Hands-On Workshop

Food Faces.
Open Jaw’s completed Food Face!

It’s the one day a year you have full permission to play with your food.

Sprinkle some strawberries, place some peaches, arrange some apples and voila! You’ve made a Food Face.

Open Jaw joined Holland America Line Chef Rudi and HAL Brand Ambassador Seth Wayne in an online creative session to make our very own “Food Face” — an edible artwork created entirely of fruits and berries.

Chef Rudi, Holland America Line.
Chef Rudi, Holland America Line.

Chef Rudi began designing Food Faces several years ago on a whim in a shipboard galley to entertain the crew. Today, Food Faces are a defining feature of Holland America Line and an integral part of the experience at Rudi’s Sel de Mer shipboard restaurant.


Chef Rudi's Food Face creations.
Chef Rudi’s Food Face creations.

In 2018, he released the art-table book, “Food Faces,” featuring more than 150 vibrant images of his edible cast of characters. He creates each plate using vegetables, fruit, meats, fish, grains and sweets.

To celebrate the playfulness of Food Faces, Holland America Line has officially designated 06APR National Food Faces Day in the National Day Archives. This day also happens to be Chef Rudi’s birthday.

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