Explora I: Day 3 - The Problem is I Don’t Want to Leave the Ship

It’s day 3 of my initiation into sailing on board Explora Journeys.

I keep thinking … we work hard in this business and it can catch up. So imagine being dropped into the lap of luxury, sleeping in some kind of spirit comfort bed, surrounded by elegant penthouseness, with delicious food a dial tone away. That’s how this sailing rolls.

There’s a young man called a ‘host’ who gently taps on our door and asks if we need anything. Since there’s already a bucket with vintage Moët cooling along with a tray of nibblies, I stand there numbly trying to think of something to keep this man employed.

I end up mumbling about how lovely everything is and he shuffles off probably wondering why Canadians are so odd.

What can I say? I’m in a spoiled fugue.


I should also mention the room comes complete with a TechnoGym supply of weights and other contraptions which better people than I will surely find very convenient. A private in-suite complete work out kit.

A sauna followed by a cool rain shower and a dip in the salt pool manages to revive me enough to drag myself to the lobby bar (think The Four Seasons but on water) and order a manhattan. Then comes the hard part - deciding where to dine.

Whether it’s French, Pan Asian or Mediterranean, the cuisine has been truly outstanding. There was a little chocolaty melty thing under a glass dome in the suite which evaporated in my mouth, releasing ecstatic flavours then disappearing. Mouth art. I’m fairly certain when food melts like that it doesn’t contain calories.

The service can best be described as discreet. Fulfilled quickly and efficiently, but without the foofaraw of having to tell each other our life stories. Not that that’s a bad thing. But sometimes you want to spend dinner talking with your partner and not the waiter.

Then there’s the hardware. No matter which guests I accost in order to get a reaction - everyone simply oohs and aahs. Words like “outstanding” “beautiful” “incredible”. Why? I think it’s the simplicity. The elegant lines. The generally relaxed vibe. It just works.

Outside, the ship is also spectacular. The navy colour and stack. The comfortable size. As my husband put it, “she looks sexy”. I had hoped some of that would rub off on me as we climbed back up the gangway in Boston, but the gelato bar may have put a damper on my aft end.

Next port is Halifax and then on to Quebec City.

All in all, the product is extremely well executed. I believe luxury clients will embrace this new brand of cruising - or rather, journeying.

Is it time for bed yet? Maybe just a little nap…

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