Riviera River Cruises Launches Promotion to Offer FAM Cruises for $499 or Free
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During the month of APR, Riviera River Cruises is offering travel advisors a promotion of $499 per person FAM cruises. The cruise line has also added an additional bonus incentive that will make the cruise entirely free.

Advisors who book a client on a 2021 or 2022 European river cruise of eight days or more will be eligible for a FAM cruise of their choice of $499 per person for themselves and a travel companion. After the FAM cruise, advisors who book a client within 90 days will be refunded $499, making their own cruise free. Book a second client in the 90 days after the FAM cruise, and they’ll be refunded $499 for their companion as well.

“This promotion is a fantastic opportunity for travel advisors to experience a Riviera river cruise for themselves,” said Marilyn Conroy, Riviera River Cruises’ Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing North America.

“Making one new booking April means they’ll be able to go on a cruise with a companion for reduced fare of just $499 each. Book another after returning and they’ll receive a refund for their cruise. And a second booking after returning results in a refund for their companion’s cruise, too. We’ve always been supportive of travel advisors and this is just another way we’re saying thank you for making us the go-to river cruise line for their clients.”

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