Mid-Flight Exit Attempt Lands Woman In Jail
Open Jaw

westjet_081210.jpgApparently you can’t just swing open a plane door at 35,000 feet. Who knew? Certainly not Barbara Morton who badly wanted off a WestJet flight en route from Calgary to Halifax.

WestJet claims that the air pressure at that altitude makes it impossible to pry open the exit door. If everyone on the flight had known that they could have saved themselves a lot of pain. Passengers and crew who tried to restrain the crazed Barbara from opening the door were kicked and bitten.

Apparently she was desperate to vacate the plane because of severe withdrawal from either OxyContin or morphine. Perhaps she thought her pusher was out there. Ms. Morton admitted this week that she was guilty of criminal mischief and has been sentenced to two months in jail and banned from ever flying WestJet again.

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