Air Miles Launches New Division For Social Change
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The Air Miles reward program, which is owned and operated by LoyaltyOne, Inc., has announced the formation of a new division, Air Miles for Social Change, which is partnering with government agencies, energy utilities, transit service providers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These partnerships are intended to leverage the value of Air Miles reward miles and the program’s reach into more than 10 million Canadian households to create incentives for energy conservation, public transit, waste reduction and other sustainable choices to help shift the attitudes and behaviours of Canadians in favour of healthy living and the environment.

Under this recently-formed mandate, an energy conservation relationship with the Ontario Power Authority is set to be announced in April, 2010. This joint program will help engage Ontarians to take simple conservation actions that will have lasting financial rewards and help fight climate change. This new relationship builds on other recent environmental initiatives by Air Miles in urban transit with the Edmonton Transit System and clean energy with Bullfrog Power, plus pilot programs in waste diversion with the City of Toronto.

"The Air Miles Reward Program has over 17 years of experience analyzing and affecting consumer behaviour," said President, Pietro Satriano. "We formed Air Miles for Social Change with the distinct mission to help organizations more effectively inspire socially responsible lifestyle choices among Canadians by harnessing the reach and power of Air Miles reward miles. With our reach into more than 10 million households, this division has the potential to move the meter on sustainability and conservation in Canada."

Air Miles for Social Change augments the Air Miles My Planet program, launched in 2009. My Planet encourages consumers to make greener lifestyle changes and rewards them for choosing eco-friendly, My Planet designated products and services at participating Air Miles Sponsor locations. Collectors also have the opportunity to redeem their earned miles on environmentally sustainable products and services.

In addition to programs for Collectors, partners and sponsors, the team at Air Miles has been focused on internal sustainability for the last three years and in 2009, launched a sustainability program aimed at reducing its own environmental footprint. The hallmark of this program is the new Air Miles Customer Care Centre opened in Mississauga in November of 2009, built towards silver and gold LEED certification. The facility features 800 photovoltaic solar panels generating 165 kilowatts of power, making it the largest rooftop solar panel installation in Canada.

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