Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Free Us From The Wackos

If old Pastor numb nuts burns the Qur’an, there’s going to be hell to pay, Pumpkins. Since he’s already lost his marbles, someone should finish the job and separate him from his bick. Lighter. Bick lighter. Relax.

The fact that Jonesy can’t even make up his mind about being a hateful bigot willing to incite global anger, security issues, worldwide travel disruptions and general mayhem, says a mouthful. Gee, should I be a complete dink tomorrow or not? Hmm. What would Jesus do?

I’ve never personally met Christ, dahrlings, but word has it that the whole hate thing wasn’t really his bag.

In other news, travel prophet Jean-Marc Eustache predicts strong forward bookings for Transat. He plans on turning last minute bookings into early ones. You might want to start with something simple, like turning water into wine, dahrling.

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