Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Blame It On The Family

Jack Mannix has just announced his resignation from Ensemble “in order to spend more time with his family.” Good Lord. It’s a bloody epidemic. Everyone from politicians to business moguls are resigning to be with their families. Ice cream parlours and movie theatres must be packed with corporate types and their kids. Is that where Sean Durfy is?

And what about the wife? Does she have to quit her job too? How does that work? And how much “time” is spent exactly? ‘Cause some of these A types can get pretty fanatical. I figure the kids must get pretty sick of all these presidents hanging around the house. Get a job already!

Imagine Ward Cleaver resigning from his job in order to bond with the Beaver. Nuh uh.

The funny thing about all this homeboy trending is that you hardly ever see anyone being fired anymore. Or, being “pushed out.” Thank God for the family.

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