Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

For Shame, People

The travel biz gets enough black eyes without us giving ourselves one. (I did that once – walked right into my fist. Never saw it coming. That Pedro mixes a mean martini.) This week, we in travel really messed ourselves. 180 pax were abandoned at a tiny airport in Cuba for 11 hours. Even the rep took off. And the pilots flew away – since they know how to do that. Did anyone tell them it’s better if the people are on board?  What ever happened to “No passenger left behind!� Shame on us.

Then there’s Hughey Loser and his news. He’s done it again, Pumpkins. Ballsy Boyle shut the doors of Go Travel South on Wednesday. What the heck? And I mean that. He gives travel a bad name. This time, 2,000 of his clients have been duped – or dumped, rather. They are left to chase their credit card companies for refunds. (And we wonder why the processors find travel a tad risky.) Gotta hand it to the man, he is really onto a great gimmick. As long as people are chomping after deals, he will continue to con them into giving him money. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on you.

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