Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Ask & You Shall Receive

We learn a valuable lesson from the Prime Minister today, Pumpkins. After
ten years of grovelling for the right to host Chinese tourists, turns out
all you have to do is ask! Of course, showing up is kind of important too.
China made that amply clear (although one might prefer one’s spankings in
private; if a public one helps secure the deal, so be it).

So it’s good news all around. Thousands of Chinese tourists can now freely
enjoy our mounties and moose. Air Canada lands the golden mongoose of
travel – increased long-haul to a country with the population of China.
Inbound operators, hotels and resorts can stop whining.

There you have it. Apparently it’s that easy to get business. No point in
beating around the bush. Believe me, I’ve wasted precious hours licking my
lips and fondling a man’s kneecaps, when all I had to do was say: “hey, do
you want to book this trip or not?”

Perhaps if WestJet asks, they could launch EastJet - ferrying folks from
Beijing to Shanghai. I’m sure the whole ‘pass the toilet paper’ thing
would fly better there than it did in YTO. (It’s hard to describe the
look on a Bay Street boy when asked to make TP streamers at 32,000 feet.)

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