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Fully Guided or Fly & Drive? All Travel Styles Welcome

Brisbane city skyline and Brisbane river at sunset in Australia

Air Canada Vacations global expansion is reaching the farthest corners of the earth with tours to two new regions, Asia and Australia, opening doors to savoury spices in Bangkok and Tim Tams in Sydney.

Tours to Asia and Australia let your clients explore further afield more easily, with expertly curated tour packages that take the stress out of planning their epic adventure. As Air Canada increases capacity to the Asia-Pacific region, Air Canada Vacations follows suit. These programs complement the operator’s current Flight & Hotel and Flight & Cruise vacation offerings in these two regions.

“Dream bigger and see the world has been our slogan for the last couple of years and now, it’s really coming to fruition,” says Marigold Frontuna, General Manager, Sales – Western Canada, Air Canada Vacations. “We’re really accelerating our objective of global expansion for Air Canada Vacations. Air Canada already dominates these routes from an air traffic perspective and for us, we’re really amplifying our presence in the leisure space for these markets. We’ve always had air and hotel capabilities to all of these destinations – anywhere Air Canada flies, we have the land product. What’s new for Asia and Australia are tours.”

The Asia and Australia tours feature a wide selection of durations, destinations, and hand-picked activities to suit any travel style. With options that range from quick getaways to immersive explorations, every itinerary is packed with unforgettable memories waiting to be made. Best of all, these tours offer the perfect blend of guided exploration and independent adventure, ensuring your clients experience the best of both worlds.

Asia’s Greatest Hits

Fujiyoshida, Japan

The Air Canada Vacations Asia Program paves the way to a fully immersive experience for Canadian adventurers.  Showcasing the very best this exotic continent has to offer, 15 promise a hassle-free booking and travel experience, with details like route planning, accommodation, cultural and language barriers – all expertly managed. Tours operate in English for the time being, but French-language tours are set to be rolled out.

“We now have fully escorted, guided tours in Asia, so it’s an easy turnkey product for travel advisors who are not too familiar with selling this product and may be intimidated. We make it very easy,” says Frontuna.

Asia tour packages will be offered in the following destinations :

  • Japan 

Immerse your clients in the fascinating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology, tours year-round in Tokyo (NRT and HND airports) or seasonally in Osaka (KIX). Some tour packages combine Japan and neighbouring South Korea.

  • South Korea 

Guide your clients through the vibrant streets of Seoul (ICN), where historic palaces and temples coexist with modern skyscrapers and K-pop culture.

  • Thailand 

Let your clients experience the breathtaking beauty of Thailand, from the bustling markets of  (BKK) to the pristine beaches and ancient temples found throughout the country. Tours operate seasonally.

  • Singapore

Experience the multicultural energy and futuristic cityscape of Singapore (SIN), widely considered the entry gateway for Southeast Asia. Air Canada Vacations’ tours from Singapore allow travellers to easily discover Thailand and Malaysia, as well.

Asia Tour Highlights and Inclusions

Aerial view of Tokyo cityscape with Fuji mountain in Japan.

Return flights to and from Canada, guided experiences, expert and local guidance, free time for independent exploration and more, are all included in the Air Canada Vacations Asia program. Tours also include superior accommodation in four- and five-star properties, all set in strategic and convenient areas.

Some tours require domestic flights throughout the tour, and are included in the price, ensuring your clients only need to worry about one thing: enjoying the journey. Gratuities are also included for Asia tours.

With a local , your clients will have on-the-ground support.

More Moments and Out & About Suggestions

With a variety of tour durations, experiences, and options, it’s no exaggeration to say Air Canada Vacations caters to all travel styles and demographics, from couples to small groups

And there’s more to the program with More Moments! More Moments signature immersive experiences are included in the tour packages, which means your clients benefit from added value, like entry to museums, hands-on cultural workshops, boat tours, and many other experiences included in the price of their tour. From traditional cooking classes and immersive city discovery tours to entry to parks and fascinating palaces and temples, every moment is a chance to make their journey that much more unforgettable.

Air Canada Vacations also suggests optional activities ($) that are a great complement to your client’s tour. These optional activities, based on availability, are to be booked at destination and paid for in cash in U.S. dollars.

Some meals are included with select Air Canada Vacations Asia guided tour packages. Travel advisors are encouraged to check the itinerary as the meal inclusions vary for each itinerary and sometimes, for each day of the itinerary, as well.

Flights to Asia: Year-Round, Comprehensive, Seamless

Air Canada offers direct flights and year-round service to Asia from key airport hubs in Canada.

Fixed-date departures simplify the booking process for travellers and travel agents alike. Whether you’re coordinating for a solo adventurer, a family getaway, or a group excursion, the pre-determined departure and return dates establish a reliable framework for an organized and stress-free travel experience.


South Korea  



Australia Tours Unveil Koalas and Coastlines

Kangaroos at Lucky Bay in Australia

Air Canada Vacations

Air Canada Vacations Australia Tours include diverse packages ranging from 9 to 17 . Hand-picked destinations and activities underline Australia’s rich culture and beauty in both guided and self-guided Fly & Drive options. They are offered year-round from Sydney and Brisbane. More tours will be added to the program, which will include Melbourne, Adelaide, and Kangaroo Island.

Fly & Drive tour packages include a car rental with an itinerary of engaging destinations to drive to – providing the flexibility and freedom to explore at their own pace. The itinerary can be tailored according to interests, with suggestions for stops along the way to experience the local culture.

All hotel accommodations are 4-stars.

Flights are offered daily, year-round, from Vancouver to Sydney and Brisbane. All tours include return flights, with connectors from over 60 Canadian airports, as well as domestic flights within Australia, depending on the tour selected.

Australia Awaits with Aeroplan Points & Carefree Travel Protection

Surfing at sunset, Byron Bay Australia

Your clients can gain and use Aeroplan points on every tour package, enhancing the value of their experience.

For added peace of mind, guests can add travel protection plans to their booking. The optional CareFree plan can be added at the time of booking and makes travelling less stressful with standard seat selection and a Price Drop Guarantee.




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