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Yee peng festival and sky lanterns at Wat Phra Singh temple at night in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If your clients have ever dreamed of sipping sake under the neon glow of Tokyo, wandering the ancient palaces of Seoul, or experiencing the heart-pounding excitement of a Thai street market, it’s all made easier with Air Canada Vacations.

The tour operator has launched 10 immersive guided tours in Asia, a highly comprehensive offering in terms of tour durations and the choices available.

“We have a number of tours in Asia to choose from. It’s new in our portfolio, but we’re confident in the lineup we developed,” says Marigold Frontuna, General Manager, Sales – Western Canada, Air Canada Vacations.

Air Canada Vacations expertly curated tours immerse your clients into the true essence of Asia, all with the convenience of pre-booked excursions, seamless travel arrangements, and More Moments for more value. Your clients can expect a hassle-free journey that ensures every moment is spent exploring, not navigating.

More Moments are excursions or activities that are pre-booked and already included in the package. These help your clients tick off all the must-see, must-stop, must-do experiences at their destination.

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the destinations and highlights:

Japan Tours

Beautiful cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan

Japan is a country of serene temples, melt-in-your-mouth sushi, and cutting-edge tech. It is one of the most-liked destinations among Canadians – and Air Canada Vacations offers four tours in this enigmatic country, each starting in Osaka and ending in Tokyo.

All four tours follow the same itinerary – the difference is the arrival city with the choice of landing in Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, or Kansai International Airport and departing from Narita International Airport or Haneda Airport, as well as the number of nights spent in Osaka – two or three.

Fushimi Inari Shrine (Thousand Tori Gates) in Kyoto, Japan.

On the 10-day Essence of Japan and Japan, a Tale of Ancient Traditions tours, clients take a one-way flight to Osaka after landing in Tokyo, included in the package, while Enchantments of Japan and Cultural Gems of Japan tours land directly in Osaka, skipping the one-way flight.

On all four tours, guests travel from Osaka to Tokyo on pre-arranged coach transfers, stopping at hot spots along the way over several days. These itineraries take your clients on a perfectly curated exploration of the Land of the Rising Sun. More Moments inclusions include visits to Kinkaku-ji, a prominent and iconic Buddhist temple known for its stunning Golden Pavilion, entry to Gotemba Peace Park, and many others.

South Korea Tour

Gyeongbokgung Palace in autumn, South Korea.

The Remarkable South Korea starts and ends in Seoul. Over eight days, this guided tour includes stopovers and/or day visits from the bustling city of Seoul to the serene villages of Andong and the coastal beauty of Busan, blending tradition and modernity.

Unique More Moments activities include experiences like a visit to the Gamcheon Culture Village, hailed as the Machu Picchu of Busan, and entrance to the Myeongdong Commercial District, famous for Korean beauty and skincare products.

South Korea + Japan Tours

Two tours covering South Korea and Japan both start in Seoul and end in Tokyo. Customers can choose NRT (the Best of South Korea and Japan itinerary) or HND (the South Korea and Japan, a Cultural Experience itinerary) as their departure airport.

When the South Korea portion is completed, travellers board a flight from Seoul to Osaka. Over the 15-day itinerary, there’s just the right amount of time to immerse deeply in the two countries, from the history-laden streets of Seoul to the neon glow and trendy districts of Tokyo.

A stop at Gotemba Peace Park, with the snow-capped peak of Mt. Fuji in all its glory in the background, is one of the many More Moments included on these tours.

Thailand Tours

Phuket, Thailand

There are two options to Thailand and both Allure of Thailand tours start and end in Bangkok and feature the same overall itinerary – the main difference is their duration, with one being a 9-night Allure of Thailand tour and the other 12 nights.

The 12-night Allure of Thailand tour includes three extra days exploring Phuket, giving your clients more time in the neighbouring islands the region is renowned for.

Singapore + Thailand Tours

Two tour options start and end in Singapore – what’s unique about each one is the destinations they visit.

Breeze of Thailand and Singapore, spanning 11 days, features stays in Bangkok, Phuket, and Singapore, the triple gems of Southeast Asia.

At a longer 14 days, Allure of Thailand and Singapore is perfect for a more immersive discovery of Singapore and Thailand. Besides the must-visit triad of Bangkok, Phuket, and Singapore, it also includes two nights each in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in the northernmost province of Thailand. Here, customers can visit the stunning  White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) and Blue Temple (Wat Rong Suea Ten), as well as partake in a traditional Thai organic cooking class – these experiences (and many others!) are all included as More Moments in the trip.

Singapore + Thailand + Malaysia Tours


Three tours all start and end in Singapore. These tours offer something for everyone, whether your clients crave the excitement of bustling cities or the serenity of ancient temples.

For those looking for truly immersive experiences, Grandeur of South Asia offers 14 days of travel through Southeast Asia’s hot spots, from Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, and Singapore.

The 12-day Best of Malaysia, Singapore & Phuket swaps out Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai for Thailand’s Phuket, an island widely celebrated for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, rich cultural heritage, and array of water sports and outdoor activities.

Escapade to Singapore and Malaysia is a speedier, seven-day option covering Malaysia and Singapore. One of the memorable More Moments experiences included on this tour (as well as the previously mentioned ones) is a bumboat river cruise, a popular activity that offers a scenic and leisurely ride along the Singapore River in a traditional wooden boat.


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