Where Love And Sustainability Converge

“I Do” Done Easy

In the realm of romantic getaways, where aspirations blend with devotion and promises unite hearts, emerges a haven named Iberostar, radiant and inviting.

With a mastery akin to a conductor orchestrating a symphony, Iberostar has flawlessly merged magical allure and genuine wonder into one of life’s most cherished milestones: weddings.

Iberostar’s unique distinction lies in its ability to transform ordinary moments into radiant memories. Whether it’s an impromptu starlit dinner or a seaside picnic, Iberostar excels in crafting intimate and romantic experiences.

Ceremonial Radiance

Imagine a wedding where love not only takes centre stage but is woven into every facet of the event itself.

Iberostar’s commitment to crafting exceptional and enduring moments reinvents destination weddings. These weddings go beyond conventions, embracing sustainability and providing guests with an unparalleled experience.

Just as weddings are more than a mere event, Iberostar is more than a word; it’s a promise. A promise to deliver an extraordinary destination wedding experience characterized by personalization, sustainability, and unmatched guest satisfaction.

Central to it all, Iberostar is dedicated to bringing your clients’ envisioned wedding day to vibrant life.

Derived from Dreams

Every wedding at Iberostar is a masterpiece.

The approach of “Weddings by Iberostar: Imagined By You” revolves around boundless inspiration. Customization is at the heart of their approach.

The journey begins with collaborative exploration, focusing on your clients’ visions rather than imposing predefined offerings. Ideas become the foundation, and together with the expertise of the resort’s staff, they craft a narrative that resonates. Enter the Iberostar Wedding Team, a skilled group ready to guide your clients in realizing their dream wedding, ensuring each day is distinctive.

For those still seeking direction, Weddings by Iberostar presents an array of inspirations, ensuring that both the ceremony and reception mirror the uniqueness of their love story. From “Nature of Love” to “Tie the Knot-ical,” each theme is as distinct as the couples themselves.

Embracing Greenery

The resort introduces the “Ever Green Weddings” option, tailored for those desiring sustainability and a connection with nature on their special day.

At Iberostar, sustainability is fundamental to everything they do. Whether it’s a wedding or a honeymoon, every experience is interwoven with eco-consciousness. For love encompasses not only our hearts but also the world around us.

A Week to Treasure

Let us not overlook the pinnacle of celebration: the Wedding Week.

Iberostar firmly believes that while the couple deserves their dream day, wedding guests equally merit an extraordinary experience.

Couples’ biggest lament on their wedding day is often a lack of quality time with their loved ones. This is where the concept of the Wedding Week shines.

Recently introduced, the Wedding Week concept crafts a tailored itinerary for the entire group, brimming with additional events and must-not-miss moments. The resort presents options, your clients select their favourites, and a unique itinerary is created to enhance everyone’s experience.

From beach bonfires to off-site adventures, days on the beach with personalized service, rehearsal dinners, and indulgent spa sessions, the week encapsulates your clients’ desires.

Unending Romance

A honeymoon surpasses a simple vacation; it’s a celebration of love, a moment meant to endure.

Recognizing that a traditional honeymoon may not suffice, Iberostar has curated a diverse selection of honeymoon options to enrich your clients’ experience even after the wedding.

For those seeking elevated honeymoon adventures, Iberostar presents five remarkable choices to make those moments extraordinary:

  • Blissful Retreat: A fusion of romance and well-being, rekindling both love and vitality.
  • Culinary Explorers: Indulge in delectable cuisines and beverages in a renowned gastronomic haven.
  • Adventurous Spirits: Embark on thrilling escapades, igniting both adrenaline and new encounters.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse in rich heritage and local history, fostering a profound connection to the destination.
  • Whimsical Wanderers: For the inquisitive couple seeking it all, an experience leaving no stone unturned.

Their Wedding, Their Way

It’s not just a tagline at Iberostar; it’s a philosophy.

They’re not just about celebrating their customers’ dream day but crafting a canvas where they can paint memories that linger beyond the horizon of vows exchanged.


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