Canadian Loyalty Rewarded With An Ocean of Sustainable Fun

Sun-kissed beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxury accommodations – the quintessence of a dream vacation. And when it comes to delivering unforgettable experiences...

Where Love And Sustainability Converge

In the realm of romantic getaways, where aspirations blend with devotion and promises unite hearts, emerges a haven named Iberostar, radiant and inviting. With a mastery akin to a conductor orchestrating a...

Renewing Properties

In the heart of the hospitality industry’s evolution, where sustainability and rejuvenation intertwine, emerges a beacon of innovation: Iberostar Hotels & Resorts. More than just a provider of idyllic getaways...



Iberostar Hotels & Resorts – 60 Years Strong

with Marigold Frontuna, GM Western Canada, Air Canada Vacations, Mariela Zaldibar, Business Development Director - Canada, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts and Open Jaw's Nina Slawek