The Worst is Over - Now What


  • Is waiting on hold for a call centre agent your primary sales challenge?
  • Is trying to hire additional staff creating a bottleneck at your agency?
Open Jaw presents a rare exchange between partners & competitors on these hot button issues.
The group shares ideas on the opportunity to shape the future of the industry.

For ease of viewing, the video can be navigated by chapters.*

Richard Vanderlubbe, President, Open Jaw’s Nina Slawek, Rocky Racco, CEO TTI Travel, Lisa Pierce, VP Sales Canada & US, Air Canada, Frank Demarinis, CEO, Red Label Vacations, Nicole Bursey, Commercial Director, Transat Tours, Wendy Paradis, President, ACTA

* Hover on the dots in video progress bar and click on the topic of interest:

Chapter 1. Labour crisis
Chapter 2. The Role of the Advisor
Chapter 3. Disconnect with Online Tools
Chapter 4. Legacy Technology
Chapter 5. The Challenges Facing Advisors
Chapter 6. Corporate Systems
Chapter 7. Training and Recruitment
Chapter 8. Is This The Fun Part?
Chapter 9. Recruiting “Yutes”

Wendy Paradis on ACTA’s Recruitment Initiatives

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