Seabourn Announces New 2023-2024 Expedition Itineraries

Seabourn in Antarctica
Seabourn in Antarctica

Seabourn has unveiled its new fall, winter and spring 2023-2024 expedition itineraries aboard Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit. These journeys will set sail to destinations in Antarctica, South America, the South Pacific, Indonesia, and more, offering travellers a chance to experience natural beauty, wildlife, and remote locales.

Between SEP 2023 and April 2024, Seabourn Venture will operate 11 voyages, ranging from 14 to 24 days in length. Seabourn Venture will sail from Japan in SEP 2023 to provide in-depth expedition experiences throughout the South Pacific over the course of three months, highlighting cultures, atolls, and island chains. Seabourn Venture will reach New Zealand in DEC 2023, where the ship will make the trek south to Antarctica and spend two months exploring the “White Continent.” The ship will then continue to explore New Zealand and Australia, including the Great Barrier Reef before arriving in Bali at the end of MAR 2024.

On the other side of the globe, Seabourn Pursuit will offer 14 voyages ranging from 11 to 27 days. Beginning in late SEP 2023 after making the trip across the Northwest Passage, Seabourn Pursuit will continue its inaugural year sailing along the West Coast of the Americas before making its debut in Antarctica for the holiday and winter season. In FEB 2024, the ship will sail a crossing from Argentina to Africa, which will include the Falkland Islands, a three-day South Georgia Experience, and an appearance at Tristan da Cunha & Ascension Islands before arriving in Cape Verde. Seabourn Pursuit will then make its way up the northwest coast of Africa and Europe to Greenwich (London) in APR 2024.

"It is our privilege to open up the world to those who desire adventurous experiences, and we’re excited to unveil another round of expedition itineraries that reach into the more remote corners of the globe,” said Seabourn President Josh Leibowitz. “Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are setting a new bar for luxury expedition travel.”

Seabourn Venture

Seabourn Venture will offer a myriad of experiences as it sails to Asia, the South Pacific and Antarctica. Itinerary highlights from its 2023-2024 fall/winter/spring season include:

  • 22-Day from Kobe to Brisbane (Honiara): Seabourn Venture sails along the coast of Japan, visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on the way to Okinawa. The ship will then explore Micronesia, where guests can enjoy snorkeling in the waters, discover small and isolated villages, and learn about Micronesian and Polynesia cultures, traditions, arts and lifestyles. 18SEP– 10OCT 2023.
  • 14-Day from Brisbane (Honiara) to Guam: Guests can see a cross section of the South Pacific’s islands, as the ship sails through the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, The Federated States of Micronesia, and Guam. Guests can explore the coral reefs of the region while snorkeling, scuba diving or partaking in an optional submersible dive. This voyage will visit some of the most remote atolls that Micronesia has to offer. 08-22OCT 2023.
  • Round-trip voyages from Christchurch (Lyttelton): Adventurers seeking a polar exploration can choose from two 24-day round-trip voyages departing Christchurch to visit the most remote part of Antarctica. Sailing around the area that was once the theater of the most glorious and infamous episodes of the golden age of early Antarctic exploration, guests can enjoy the vast wildness of the region in search of killer whales, seals and other marine mammals. 17DEC 2023 – 10JAN 2024 and 10JAN-03FEB 2024.
  • 14-Day from Christchurch (Lyttelton) to Melbourne: A voyage with opportunities to encounter native wildlife, sail around the Solander Islands of southern New Zealand, home to 6,000 breeding pairs of Buller’s albatrosses, enjoy whale watching in Kaikoura and go below the ocean’s surface in optional submersibles to visit with marine mammals, cold water reefs and the rocky seafloor of the South Pacific and the Tasman Sea. 03-17FEB 2024.
  • 14-Day from Darwin to Benoa: Guests can head from Australia into the reaches of Indonesia on this voyage featuring natural beauty. Passengers can see the birds of paradise at dawn in Yenwaupnor, see the Komodo dragon in Komodo National Park, and gaze upon the wonders of Pulau Wajag. Guests can dive into the depths at Raja Ampa, where they can explore an underwater paradise of coral and rare marine species. 16-30MAR 2024.

Seabourn Pursuit

Seabourn Pursuit will sail the waters of North and South America, head south to Antarctica and then east to Africa and Europe. Highlights include:

  • 14-Day from Puntarenas to San Antonio: Guests can discover the coastlines of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile aboard this voyage, where they can cruise the Humboldt Current, home of the "most productive maritime ecosystem on the planet." Zodiac cruises around the coast of Peru and Chile can uncover hundreds of thousands of birds that live there, and cultural attractions include the ruins of Chan Chan Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the “White City” of Arequipa in Peru, and Peru's capital city of Lima, amongst many more. 15-31OCT 2023.
  • 18-Day from San Antonio to Buenos Aires (Ushuaia): Sailing the maze of the Chilean Fjords, Seabourn Pursuit will navigate several of the largest glaciers in South America before sailing 600 miles between South America and Antarctica across the Drake Passage in the company of seabirds. Guests can admire glacier-covered mountains, watch gentoo penguins on shore going about their summer schedule, and kayak in Antarctica with a qualified guide paddling amongst swimming seals. Passengers will then arrive in the southernmost part of Argentina with hiking, scenery, and history in Tierra del Fuego. 31OCT-18NOV 2023.
  • Round-trip voyages from Buenos Aires (Ushuaia): From NOV through FEB 2024, guests can select one – or more – of eight round-trip voyages traveling between the tips of Argentina and Antarctica across the Drake Passage. Travellers can spot albatrosses, prions, petrels and many other seabirds that forage in the waters of the South Atlantic and Southern Ocean. Once in Antarctica, the ship will navigate past myriads of icebergs in search of seals resting on ice floes, whales foraging in the water, and thousands of penguins nesting for the summer season. Voyages range from 11 to 21 days. Departure dates: 17NOV, 27NOV, 09DEC, 19DEC 2023, 08JAN, 20JAN, 30JAN, 11FEB 2024.
  • 27-Day from Buenos Aires (Ushuaia) to Cape Verde (Praia): Beginning in Tierra del Fuego in southernmost Argentina, this adventure begins in the main town of Ushuaia, with hiking, scenery and history. The ship will then sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from the subantarctic waters of South Georgia across the Equator into the tropical seas surrounding Cape Verde. It will visit a series of islands including the Falklands, full of wildlife; Tristan da Cunha, one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world; and Ascension Island, a dormant volcanic island. 21FEB-19MAR 2024.
  • 12-Day from Málaga to Greenwich (London): Guests can embark on a journey through uropean ports for a firsthand look at historic regions like Normandy, a storied WWII destination; Porto, the birthplace of Port wine; Paris, the City of Lights; Isle of Wight, famous for its rich maritime history; and Bruges, with its cobblestone squares and picturesque canals. 02-14APR 2024.

New to the Seabourn fleet, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit will provide expedition activities led by an expert 26-person team of scientists, scholars, naturalists, and more. The ships will offer complimentary Seabourn Expedition offerings such as Zodiac cruises, hikes, nature walks, scuba diving, and snorkeling, as well as additional curated complimentary excursions. In addition, the ships will offer optional shore excursions and optional Seabourn Expeditions with kayaking and two custom-built submersibles at select destinations.

For more information on Seabourn, visit its web site.

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