Flair Launches Inflight Entertainment, Shopping, with Focus on Canadian Content

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Flair Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

Flair Airlines has announced it will begin offering travellers touchless inflight entertainment and shopping via personal devices as a part of its latest passenger experience enhancements.

The airline’s solution, developed by LiFE In The Air, allows for passengers use their own devices to buy food, drinks, and other products during the flight. Passengers can also enjoy free inflight entertainment including short-form stories and films and stay entertained with games and “community-driven traveller content.”

Passengers can access the new system with their device browser via QR codes onboard or by Flair’s updated mobile application.

“At Flair Airlines, we are committed to improving the passenger experience and preparing for the future. When people return to travel, they will notice a better airline experience,” said Stephen Jones, President and CEO of Flair Airlines. “The steps we are taking today to digitize the inflight experience will exceed people’s expectations.”

Flair also offers a range of entertainment options from the National Film Board of Canada, including Canadian-made films and documentaries, as well as various games.

Supporting Canadian Businesses

In addition, Flair is reaffirming its support for Canadian businesses by launching a Virtual Buy On Board advertising program. This program is a passenger-centric forum that allows brands to connect with Flair’s passengers and deliver “immersive inflight digital experiences.” Passengers can engage with brands and make purchases in flight, for delivery to their homes.

“From our findings, we know that passengers are open to learning about relevant products, services and brands,” said Bayram Annakov, CEO of LiFE In The Air, Flair’s inflight e-commerce service provider.

“Technology – especially the use of personal devices in air – provides a much more engaging experience for passengers without the waste of printed magazines. The Flair Airlines Virtual Buy On Board program is designed to fulfil this need while facilitating people actually ordering goods and services in an updated format.”

For more information, visit Flair’s web site.

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