Trafalgar & Costsaver Add ‘Make Travel Matter’ Products for World Tourism Day

Trafalgar Costsaver Make Travel Matter
Castello Del Trebbio

Touring company Trafalgar and sister brand Costsaver have announced new plans to increase their sustainable travel and tourism initiatives in celebration of World Tourism Day on 27SEP. As part of both brands’ commitment to responsible tourism as the sector rebuilds, they will offer a minimum of one ‘MAKE TRAVEL MATTER‘ Experience on every land tour by 2023.

Since the launch of ‘MAKE TRAVEL MATTER’ Experiences in 2020, both brands have been contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) by offering guests travel opportunities that are intended to have a positive social or environmental impact on the places they visit. Using a proprietary assessment tool exclusive to Trafalgar and The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, ‘MAKE TRAVEL MATTER’ Experiences are assessed against a set of criteria tied to these UN Global Goals.

The United Nations notes that the pandemic has had a massive economic and social impact on both developed and developing countries, with the most vulnerable and marginalized groups hit the hardest of them all. It also highlights that the restart of tourism around the world will help kickstart recovery and growth. As such, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has designated World Tourism Day 2021 as a day to focus on “Tourism for Inclusive Growth.”

The Experiences, already available on all trips through Asia and with a total of 98 experiences across the globe, will be extended to include one on every tour. Trafalgar and Costsaver note that this is an initiative the brands are making to ensure they do their part to support the rebound of travel after the impact of COVID-19.

“As a company with sustainable and responsible travel ingrained in our DNA, we are taking every step possible to secure the future for our industry,” says Gavin Tollman, Global CEO of Trafalgar and Costsaver. “In the wake of the pandemic, every travel organization should be reviewing and assessing their operations in line with the UN Global Goals and this is just one way we are securing a more inclusive future for the people and places we visit and our guests,” he concludes.

“With this change, not only will our guests continue to have incredibly rich experiences when they tour with us,” adds Gemma Myhill, Trafalgar and Costsaver’s Global Sustainability Officer. “They will also know their travels will meaningfully give back to local communities, wildlife and the planet, no matter the destination they choose.”

Trafalgar-Costsaver-Make-Travel-Matter-Ireland Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway

Trafalgar and Costsaver have highlighted two MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences for insight on how the experiences operate.

Giant’s Causeway

On this experience, clients come to discover a coastal drive to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guests explore the rock formations in Ireland, some reaching up to 12m high, enjoying the North Coast views with the opportunity to leap from rock to rock. This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience helps preserve this landmark for future generations to enjoy and guests can leave with aa better understanding of the heritage and natural significance of this site.

Castello Del Trebbio

Guests will visit Castello del Trebbio, a castle in the Tuscan hills and the place where the drama of the Pazzi and Medici feud was hatched and rocked the city of Florence centuries ago. On this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experience, guests will learn how the Pazzi family came up with a plot in the castle to dethrone the Medici as rulers of Florence. The owners of this castle, Anna and her cousin Alberto of the Baj-Macario family, are the clients’ hosts and will take guests on an exclusive tour of their 12th-century castle and its wine cellars, once home to the castle’s dungeons. Guests will enjoy a traditional Tuscan meal in the grand hall of the castle, with a view of its gardens beyond, and learn how the family now run the castle and estate in harmony with nature. The visit is intended to aid in preserving the castle and estate for generations to come, as well as the memory of this period in Tuscan history.

Trafalgar and Costsaver note that travel professionals can identify these experiences with the ‘MAKE TRAVEL MATTER‘ Experience seals on the brands’ respective web sites. For more information, visit Trafalgar and Costsaver.

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