Air Canada Announces Summer 2021 Domestic Schedule

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Air Canada has announced its domestic flight schedule for summer 2021, with three new routes and service to 50 Canadian airports. The airline will also re-establish select global routes, and will include a wide-body aircraft featuring Air Canada Signature Class and Premium Economy Class on select transcontinental routes.

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“With Canada’s ongoing vaccine roll-out acceleration together with various provincial governments’ reopening plans that include travel, this summer is looking brighter. As customers are ready to travel, Air Canada is taking a leadership position to support our partners in Canada’s tourism and hospitality sector with service to 50 destinations from coast to coast, the re-start of regional services and new, non-stop flights,” said Mark Galardo, Senior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada.

New route details:

Route Frequency Aircraft Effective
YUL – YDF Daily CRJ900 01JUL 2021
YUL – YLW 3x Weekly JUL

4x Weekly AUG

Airbus A220 26JUN 2021
YUL – YXE – YQR Daily CRJ900 01AUG 2021

Resumption of services:

Airport Station Route Effective Frequency
YQX  YQX – YHZ 29JUN 3x Weekly
 YQX – YYZ 02JUL 5x Weekly
YYT  YYT – YYZ 19JUN Daily
YYR  YYR – YYT 29JUN 3x Weekly
YDF  YDF – YHZ 01AUG 5x Weekly
YHZ  YHZ – YYC 01AUG 5x Weekly
YQY  YQY – YYZ 26JUN 3x Weekly
 YQY – YUL 01AUG Daily
YYG  YYG – YYZ 18JUN 4x Weekly
YSJ  YSJ – YUL 30JUN 3x Weekly
 YSJ – YYZ 02JUL 4x Weekly
YFC  YFC – YUL 29JUN Daily
 YFC – YYZ 01JUL 5x Weekly
ZBF  ZBF – YUL 27JUN 3x Weekly
YQB  YQB – YYZ 19JUN 1x Daily
YUL  YUL – YYC 02JUL Daily
 YUL – YEG 01AUG 2x Weekly
YYB  YYB – YYZ 28JUN 3x Weekly
YMM  YMM – YYZ 01JUL 2x Weekly
YWG  YWG – YYC 20JUN 6x weekly
 YWG – YUL 01AUG Daily
YQR  YQR – YYC 01JUL 5x Weekly
YXE  YXE   YYC 02JUL 5x Weekly
YKA  YKA– YVR 29JUN 4x Weekly
 YKA– YYC 28JUN 4x Weekly
YQQ  YQQ – YVR 30JUN 3x Weekly
YCD  YCD – YYZ 04JUL 1x Weekly
 YCD – YYC 02JUL 5x weekly
YPR  YPR – YVR 25JUN 3x Weekly
YYF  YYF – YVR 29JUN 4x Weekly
YZP  YZP – YVR 23JUN 3x Weekly
YYJ  YUL – YYJ 19JUN 3x Weekly
 YYZ – YYJ 19JUN 4x Weekly
 YYC – YYJ 21JUN 4x Weekly
YCG  YCG – YVR 28JUN 3x Weekly
YLW  YLW – YYZ 18JUN 4x Weekly
YZF  YZF – YYC 30JUN 3x Weekly

Air Canada is also providing connectivity to five additional regional communities through interline agreements with third party regional carriers: Wabush, Baie Comeau, Gaspe, Mont Joli, and Val d’Or.

The airline also notes that this schedule may change based on the current COVID-19 situation and government restrictions.

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