Uniworld Announces 2nd Mystery Cruise; First Sold Out in 48 Hours

Uniworld announces “Mystery Cruise, Part Two” after revealing that its first sold out in only 48 hours.Uniworld Mystery Cruise Part Two

The new cruise will take guests on a mystery, 10-day river cruising itinerary beginning 23SEP 2022.

This second voyage would have a completely new European itinerary, with new destinations compared to the first. While the first “Mystery Cruise” will be hosted by Uniworld CEO Ellen Bettridge, “Part Two” will feature a surprise special guest who has yet to be announced.

Prices for the second Mystery Cruise begin at CAD $10,399 which includes airfare. Guests on this second voyage will also receive multiple clues as well as a packing list before their departure to prepare. Uniworld reassures travellers of a safe and luxury experience, with enhanced hygiene measures, a smaller number of passengers, and all-inclusive amenities.

“This second ‘Mystery’ sailing will be similar to the first, in that it’s a bucket list trip with surprises at every turn,” Bettridge said. “However, it will be on its own exclusive itinerary with experiences that we’ve never offered before.”

For more information on Uniworld’s Mystery Cruise, Part Two, visit www.uniworld.com.

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