Seabourn’s Early Release of 2022-2023 Voyages

Seabourn Ovation
Seabourn Ovation. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Seabourn has announced its lineup of sailings for 2022-2023, with itineraries planned in the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Asia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Itineraries are open for sale, and additional information on specific destinations is available on Seabourn’s website.

“Our guests have asked us to release Seabourn itineraries earlier and earlier to plan future travel. We are excited to have our 2022 and 2023 cruise offerings for guests to book and experience ‘the Seabourn Difference’ from the Caribbean to the Panama Canal and Australia to Asia,” said Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn.

The Caribbean

For the first time, Seabourn Ovation will cruise the Caribbean from DEC 2022 to APR 2023 with three seven-day sailings round trip to Barbados, as well as 10 seven-day voyages between Barbados and St. Maarten. The ship will offer a 10-day Antillean Holiday cruise, an 11-day Caribbean New Year trip, and an 8-day Atlantic Sunrises cruise.

After travelling from Lisbon to Miami, the Seabourn Sojourn will sail the Caribbean from NOV 2022 to JAN 2023, offering three 11-day Gems of the Leeward Islands voyages and one 16-day Holiday Caribbean Sojourn.

Panama Canal

Seabourn Quest will explore the Panama Canal, sailing four 14-day Panama Canal Quest voyages between Miami and Panama City during NOV and DEC 2022.

Australia & New Zealand

Seabourn Odyssey will sail the coasts of Australia and New Zealand from DEC 2022 to MAR 2023, with one 14-day New Zealand Yacht Harbours voyage and one 16-day Queensland Coast & Orchard Isles cruise towards Indonesia.

Travellers will have the option of a pre- or post-cruise Seabourn Journey to The Red Center & Great Barrier Reef.


After its time in Australia & New Zealand, Seabourn Odyssey will spend spring 2023 in Asia with one 14-day Gems of Indonesia & South China Sea cruise, one 14-day China & Gems of Japan voyage, and one 14-day Island Jewels of Japan tour.

Meanwhile, Seabourn Encore will explore a different side of Asia, spending DEC 2022 to APR 2023 travelling from Athens to Hong-Kong. Itineraries include one 17-day Holy Land & Arabian Gems cruise, one 16-day Pearls of Arabia & India trip, one 19-day Jewels of India & Arabia cruise, and concluding with a 17-day Arabia, Egypt & the Holy Land voyage back to Athens.

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