Caribbean Travel Marketplace Registration Opens

Caribbean Travel Marketplace

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s (CHTA) has opened registration for its virtual event ‘Caribbean Travel Marketplace’. The event will take place from 11MAY to 14MAY, 2021, and will give advisors the opportunity to hear about the different tourism opportunities in the region as well as speak with suppliers about hotels, attractions, destinations, and activities that the region has to offer.

Noting the advantages of a virtual conference, Vanessa Ledesma, CHTA’s Acting CEO and Director General, asserted that participants will be able to add more meetings to their schedules from the comfort of their offices, while saving on travel and accommodation expenses. Ledesma also noted on how the virtual event will allow for more time to engage with trade, consumer media and influencers; network; and showcase destinations.

“The virtual format allows us to incorporate other elements to supplement the event without impacting the core appointments,” said Ledesma, who encouraged participants to review the “How to Marketplace” webinar, which guides attendees through the Marketplace offerings.

Pre-conference informational sessions will be held in order to help attendees gain a better understanding of regional destinations as well as what they should know about the rapidly changing entry requirements and safety protocols.

In addition to the business and networking opportunities available during Marketplace, Ledesma’s team plans to highlight the region’s unique attributes.

“This year, we are especially excited to showcase our diverse culture and iconic hospitality. We will use the virtual platform to host a truly memorable gathering which will confirm and reinforce the Caribbean’s position as a leader in the global tourism landscape,” said Ledesma.

Caribbean Travel Marketplace will also introduce participants to the association’s membership drive, “CHTA: Forward Together”, which Ledesma says reminds stakeholders why membership in the preeminent trade association is vital for destinations and for the profitability of the private sector, which fuels the Caribbean tourism and hospitality industry.

CHTA has introduced an ‘Early Arrival’ reduced registration fee which is available until 12APR, 2021.

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