Purchase Faxes

The Open Jaw fax board™ is an online replacement for traditional faxing and e-spamming. A self-serve interface allows suppliers to reach thousands of agents with special offers, product updates, press releases — 24/7.

Yearly Fax Board Contracts

All Regions
Tin Foil 20 postings $500
Bronze 200 postings $2,500
Silver 300 postings $3,500
Gold Unlimited postings $5,000
Logo Button Branded sorting tool $5,000
Featured Posting $200/posting


Featured Posting – STAND OUT! You can highlight any of your fax board™ postings with one click. That posting will instantly appear as a bold listing, and as a text box ad on Open Jaw’s home page, fax board™ and e-mail. It’s all automatic!

For faxboard contracts please contact sales@openjaw.com