Workers Expect to Make 25% More Revenue Through Face-to-face Meetings: Accor Study

New research from Accor reveals workers expect to make a quarter (25%) more in revenue when able to communicate with clients face-to-face again. The same research also revealed that travel professionals anticipate that they will make an average of 23 per cent more deals a year in those settings. One major reason for this trend is that almost a third (30%) said they found it difficult not being able to see another person’s body language and nonverbal cues. Additionally, a further 22 per cent said they find it harder to engage in small talk to form personal relationships when using video and conferencing options only. Sophie Hulgard, Senior Vice President of Sales – Accor, Northern Europe, predicts four meeting trends for the rest of 2021 and beyond: hybrid, closing, culture, and leadership meetings.


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