WATCH: Calgary Advisor Lesley Keyter Talks New Operator Iberojet & Vaccines on Global News

As travel demand booms in the U.S. and remains pithy in Canada, Calgary-based travel advisor Lesley Keyter says vaccination rates will “play a big part” in getting Canadians back in the air, “particularly when you’re researching the destination you’re going to. Some will require both shots before you can get on their ship or enter their country.” She says Canada needs to “get our act together” to develop a digital way to store and present vaccine certificates. Keyter also spoke about Barcelo Group’s new Iberojet airline that will fly from Canada and the U.S. to Punta Cana, D.R. “They got to the stage where they thought, ‘We’re not going to be dependent on different countries being able to provide the flights coming in’. Cruise lines charted their own flights to get down to Florida and it was extremely successful, so it’s not surprising to see this move.”


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