U.S. Testing Crunch Causing Canadians to Get Stuck Stateside or Face Big Fines

Canadians travelling back from the U.S. are learning that as demand for COVID tests rise south of the border, it could affect their plans to return to Canada. Some Canadians have seen COVID-19 testing delays or even cancellations, leaving them in a quandary with few good options. One woman and her family found that their COVID-19 tests at Walgreen were cancelled, with no other dates available until the next month. Attempting to re-enter Canada anyway, they were informed that they could proceed into Canada with CAD $6,200 fines each, or go back and try to find tests. The family was forced to stay in the U.S. for a day longer, and pay for associated hotel fees, as well as USD $150 each for tests, and return the next day. Dr. Phillip Olla, the CEO of Audacia Bioscience, which runs Assure Travel Clinics, COVID-19 testing sites in the U.S., said that testing volumes in the States have worsened. “The volumes of the U.S.A. testing and the positivity rates have increased so even though there’s not as many people stuck, there are still massive [test] shortages over there,” he said.


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