U.S. Congress to Airlines: Why are You so Short Staffed When We Gave You All That COVID Money to Avert Layoffs?

U.S. lawmakers are “angered” with recent waves of flight cancellations across the country, as the USD $50b given to airlines for pandemic relief was intended to have carriers ready for the return of travel. “There should have been every reason, particularly given the bailout money for the airlines, to prepare for the surge we’re seeing now,” Democratic Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s representative in Congress. “This money was for a very specific purpose.” The U.S. Senate’s transportation panel is reportedly set to investigate the matter in early DEC. Airlines for America, the trade group for major U.S. airlines, said the issues carriers have experienced recently “are wholly unrelated” to federal support payments, which was “used exclusively” to keep workers on the job.


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