Travel Prices in US Will Rise Sharply in the Coming Weeks, Warns a New Report

Travel prediction and booking app Hopper just released a new pricing report that predicts major price increases across the board in the US in the coming weeks and months. According to Hopper, US domestic airfares have already grown 12% since the beginning of April and will climb another 4% before the end of MAY. The app expects them to crest in late June, when average round-trips are predicted to cost $293. That’s about 20% higher than the fares in the summer of 2020, but still about 4% lower than what travelers were paying pre-pandemic (in the summer of 2019). For international airfares, rates are also shifting upward. Prices for flights from the United States to other countries have already increased 8% since the beginning of APR. That increase was almost certainly spurred by announced reopenings. Zeroing in on Europe, for transatlantic routes, prices have already climbed 17% just since the beginning of MAY. The average hop across the pond is now USD $880 round-trip. For hotels, nightly rates have increased 11% domestically since mid-March, now averaging $141/night. Hopper expects them to increase by 17% to a national average of $165/night by early July.


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