The EU’s Digital COVID-19 Certificate: How Other Travelers Can Get One

The EU is issuing EU Digital Covid Certificates for its member states as they reopen for tourists this summer. Although the certificates were devised for use by EU citizens, visitors from the U.S., the UK, and elsewhere are also permitted to use them, EU officials have confirmed to CNN. Extending digital certificates to non-EU citizens is up to individual member nations, which can set their own entry requirements. The same officials who spoke to CNN suggested that a separate digital certificate just for Americans might be introduced eventually—but for now, the version for EU citizens is the one that’s available to them. For EU citizens, acquiring the pass is as simple as signing up through local or national health and travel services. Non-EU travellers can sign up for the pass on different national services, but each country has a different system in place. For example, Spain’s Travel Health Portal is straightforward to navigate, while Greece’s is a bit more complicated.


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