Survey: Nearly One-Third of U.S. Travellers Have No Concrete Business Travel Plans

According to an OAG survey of more than 1,800 travellers, less than one-third of American travellers have concrete air travel plans for business within the next year. Of the answers collected between JUL and AUG 2021, 62 per cent of respondents say their company is planning air travel over the next year, 18 per cent said their company has not specified plans for travel, and 20 per cent said their company has no plans to return to travel. In addition, only 41 per cent said they predict their company’s travel rates to return to pre-pandemic levels over the next year. The OAG survey also indicated that U.S. business travellers are mostly enthusiastic about vaccine passports, with 70 per cent saying that they should be required for travel, and 68 per cent said they wanted or were at least interested in vaccine passports for domestic travel as well as international travel.


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