Report Says Payment Options Boosting Traveller Confidence; Industry Recovery After Refund Issues during Pandemic

A new study from Amadeus study reveals the Pay When You Fly (PWYF) option, implemented by a number of European airlines, is the top choice for 39 per cent of consumers compared with 36 per cent who opt to pay at the time of booking and 24 per cent who go for buy-now-pay-later schemes. The report highlights the need to build up confidence in travel and reveals 81 per cent of travelers say the risk of cancellations because of the pandemic is a barrier to booking travel while 46 per cent refund uncertainty is a barrier. In addition, 62 per cent say they would opt for a PWYF scheme to avoid painful refund processes, according to the research. Bart Tompkins, managing director, payments, Amadeus, says: “We’re entering a critical phase for travel’s recovery, and our industry needs to build confidence at every opportunity. We believe PWYF will drive traveler confidence, encouraging travel planning and booking even in an uncertain environment with changing government restrictions.” The study was conducted by Opinium in MAY 2021, using feedback from 5,000 travellers across France, Germany, Malaysia, the U.K. and the U.S.


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