Porter Airlines Warned of Losses, Threatened to Leave YTZ in Dispute with Terminal Owner

Porter Airlines reportedly warned the owner of the YTZ terminal even before the pandemic that it was losing millions of dollars, and even threatened to leave the airport. Nieuport Aviation, the owners, and Porter have been involved with legal action over CAD $49m in fees. The dispute began when Porter notified Nieuport it would begin to reduce its flights at YTZ on certain days. Nieuport refused to reduce Porter’s fees or slot allocations. In late 2020, Porter sued Nieuport for breach of contract. In response, Nieuport filed a counterclaim for punitive damages and payment of the disputed fees. According to Porter, Nieuport charges slot fees that are three or four times as expensive as those at YYZ, and it cannot operate profitably. “Porter Airlines repeatedly threatened to cease operating at the airport altogether,” Nieuport said in a court document. Reports from MAY 2021 say Porter was in talks with YYZ for landing rights in addition to slots at other Southern Ontario airports. Another publication reported that Porter had bought 30 Embraer passenger jets, which are not allowed at YTZ. Porter denied it was moving or that it had placed an order with Embraer.


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