New Resident Survey in Bar Harbor, Maine Pushes for Town to Limit Cruise Ships

Bar Harbor, Maine is moving to impose further restrictions on cruise ship visits, which comes after local residents voiced their concerns over overcrowding created by cruise ships prior to the pandemic. According to local news, there were roughly 170 cruise ship visits in 2019 bringing 270,000 passengers to the small town with a population of just 5,600 people (in 2020). On 20JUL, the Town Council of Bar Harbor reviewed a survey of town residents where two-thirds of the respondents said there were too many days with cruise ships in port in 2019. Respondents recommended that the town reduce the number of future cruise visits, as well as restricting the size of ships at the port, and lowering the amount of visits per day, among others. The Town Council will develop definitive recommendations in AUG and will put it to vote in NOV 2021. These limits will affect cruise ships visiting in 2022 and onwards.


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