Is Travel Booking Ready to Fully Embrace Artificial Intelligence?

Following the pandemic, some experts say, there is an industry-wide need to provide an easier travel planning experience that is not labor-intensive. Answers may lie in Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a subfield of artificial intelligence focused on the processing and analysis of both spoken and written languages. An NLP application could provide the mechanism for planning and booking a full travel experience, only with exceptions and errors being sent to an experienced travel agent for analysis and discussion. In 2020, major milestones were achieved in NLP. Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI all made significant progress this past year with understanding and interpreting conversational language. NLP would assist travel agents planning complex itineraries, and allow for chat bots for travel planning, which could greatly reduce the complexity and time taken for smaller tasks. AI experts say this could allow travel agents to focus their energy on making recommendations and recognizing either risks or better alternatives within an itinerary.


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