Hotels Keep Pace with Booming Wellness Trend

After the COVID-19 pandemic, wellness is expected to become a core portion of the hotel business, and industry experts predict it will delve much deeper than yoga and a spa to sharply focus on mental and emotional wellbeing. Wellness tourism in general is expected to have a boom post-pandemic, and many hotel operators want in. At the virtual Arabian Travel Mart, Emlyn Brown, global vice president of Accor well-being luxury and premium brands, said in 2019, 80 to 85 per cent of luxury guests were making conscious daily steps to incorporate health and wellbeing into their lives. He added: “This will vastly accelerate post-COVID-19. People now understand more the importance of taking care of their health and wellbeing, boosting immunity and looking after themselves.” He also notes that travellers from the Millennial and Gen Z demographics are especially looking to add wellness elements to their lifestyles. To compete, hotels are adding wellness-specific services, such as “wellness butlers” and forging partnerships with wellness-related brands. Digital wellness services such as online wellness support, software to help sleeping, and more are on the rise.


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