Flights to YFC from YYZ, YUL to Return as Early as 26JUN

YFC is preparing to welcome flights from YYZ and YUL as early as 26JUN. Johanne Gallant, the president and CEO at YFC, said WestJet is set to bring back YYZ flights on 26JUN, while Air Canada is expected to bring back YUL flights on 28JUN and YYZ flights on 01JUL. PAL Airlines will also start offering flights from YFC to YDF and YYT, as well as Halifax and Ottawa later this summer. Gallant said the flights that are returning won’t bring the airport back to pre-pandemic capacity, but it’s a good start. “And they [the airlines] will measure the demand. This is all [supply] and demand, so as the flight fills up and the demands grow, we’ll see more and more flights,” she said.


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