Dreaming of Opening a Resort on a Private Island in the Maldives? Here’s Your Chance

The Maldives has invited bids to operate tourist resorts in 16 uninhabited islands in the region, with the offer closing on 24JUN. Tourism deputy minister Assad Riza said that local authorities are confident in positive responses to the offer, and hopes that 3,120 beds will be constructed at the minimum. The local government is hoping to raise a total of USD $15.4m by leasing the rental for the 16 islands, with the lease period being 50 years and construction completed within 36 months of signing an agreement. Resorts constructed under the agreement must have 70 per cent of the staff consist of local Maldivians, and 70 per cent of the power generation to come from renewable energy. Unsustainable practices such as removing the natural vegetation of the islands is discouraged. These 16 islands are a small portion of more than 1,100 islands that make up Maldives, with many of them remaining uninhabited.


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