Cape Breton Air Charter Service Launches in Pandemic

Pilot David Morgan recently launched AxAir Aviation to offer air charter services across the Northeastern Seaboard despite the downturn of global tourism. “Everybody has a dream, and mine was always to own an airline,” said Morgan, president of AxAir Aviation and Celtic Air Services Limited. The startup’s fleet consists of a single Cessna 421 aircraft, a twin-engine airplane that seats five passengers. According to Morgan, the airline aims to cater largely to business travellers and tourists, but so far it has flown fishing crews, transported parcels and delivered essential goods around the region. As most commercial airlines resume service to the East Coast, industry experts say there will continue to be a market for an air charter service. “There’s real convenience from a business viewpoint to taking a charter flight,” said Karl Moore, associate professor of strategy and organization at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management.


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