Booking Windows, Trip Duration Up As Int’l Travel Restarts – PhocusWire

As vaccinations continue to roll out and some markets begin to reopen, Skyscanner has identified several trends in travel planning and purchasing. Skyscanner Horizons: The Return of Travel is based on the global marketplace’s own search and redirect data, comparing MAR 2021 to MAR 2019 for travel between JUN and OCT of those years. It also includes results of a survey of 5,000 consumers in multiple developed countries in APR 2021. The company says the decision-making process is now more complex in picking a flight. During the first two and half months of 2020, travelers globally selected prices 25% more expensive than the cheapest price available, while for the same period in 2021 that rose to 28%, rising in all markets across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North and South America.


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