American Plans a Smaller, More Profitable International Airline Network Post-Pandemic

American Airlines is making plans to grow domestically around its largest hubs but internationally it will come back smaller than it was just two years ago. The airline retired 41 widebody jets, including all of its Airbus A330s and Boeing 767s, as well as its 34 Boeing 757s that flew low demand international routes. Eliminating these aircraft automatically cut some destinations from its map, for example Brasilia, Dubrovnik and its first-ever planned Africa service to Casablanca. Vasu Raja, chief revenue officer of American Airlines said flights to key partner hubs like London and emerging hubs such as India will return, but flights to “strategic” destinations will not. “We’re going to be really cautious how we build back international,” said Raja. “When we [do], we’re bringing back an international that can produce margins in line with domestic.”


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