Amsterdam Announces Tourist Tax Increase for 2024


Amsterdam has unveiled plans to increase its tourist tax in 2024 as part of its efforts to manage tourism-related issues and fund sustainable initiatives within the city.

Starting in 2024, tourists staying in Amsterdam hotels will face a higher nightly tax rate. The current rate of €3 per person per night will be raised to €4 (approximately CAD $5.75.)

The tax increase is part of Amsterdam's broader strategy to balance tourism and protect its local community and environment. Revenues generated from the tourist tax will be directed towards sustainability projects, infrastructure improvements, and the promotion of cultural and historical heritage.

In recent years, Dutch tourism authorities have tried to encourage visitors to explore beyond the popular capital city, as well as impose some restrictions on tourist behaviour, for example, access to the city's famous marijuana 'coffee shops.' Amsterdam is considered one of the cities in Europe facing the negative effects of overtourism.

As Open Jaw reported, efforts to mitigate overtourism include the possibility of restricting large, ocean cruise ships from the city centre, although that debate is ongoing. River cruise ships are not part of that debate.

Earlier this month, Amsterdam did announce it would charge cruise guests %12.5 more for overnight stays in the city, also beginning in 2024, as Open Jaw revealed.

It's not expected that a small increase in hotel tax will put most tourists off travelling to AMS, but the increased revenues being assigned to support the community are hoped to offset some of the impact of so many travellers to the city.

Lynn Elmhirst


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